Lotto Texas with Extra FAQs

How Much Does a Lotto Texas Play Slip Cost?

Each play slip costs $1 per play. You can also opt for Lotto Texas Extra, which will cost you an additional dollar and increase your non-jackpot prizes.

What Are the Lotto Texas Drawing Days?

The Texas lotto drawing days are Saturday, Wednesday, and Monday.

What Is the Lotto Texas Drawing Time?

The drawing time is 10:12 p.m. CT.

How Can I Check My Numbers?

There are several ways to check your numbers, including the dedicated Lotto Texas results page. You can find your ticket in the Orders section of My Account. Compare your numbers with the winning combination to see if you won a prize.

How Do I Claim My Prize?

If you win a prize of up to $599, you will recieve it directly into your player account at the earliest possible time. Then you can withdraw it into your bank account if you wish or use it for future ticket purchases.
If you win a top prize or Jackpot, you will be notified by our Customer Experience Team who will arrange for receipt of your ticket so you can claim your prize. You can get in touch with our Customer Experience Team by email to

Can I Buy Lotto Texas Tickets Online?

Yes, you can buy Lotto Texas tickets online through the website or app.

What Are the Lotto Texas Odds?

The overall winning odds differ across games. For instance, the overall odds for Lotto Texas are 1 in 71.1, but those for Lotto Texas with Extra are 1 in 7.9. You can see all prize tiers and odds in the tables below:

MatchEstimated PrizeOdds of Winning
6 numbersJackpot *1 in 25,827,165
5 numbers$2,000 *1 in 89,678
4 numbers$50 *1 in 1,526
3 numbers$3 (Guaranteed)1 in 75

* Prizes may be higher or lower than estimated depending on the number of winners at a prize level.

Lotto Texas with Extra
MatchPrize Amount
6 numbersNot Applicable
5 numbersBase game prize + $10,000
4 numbersBase game prize + $100
3 numbersBase game prize + $10
2 numbers$2 (Guaranteed)

How Much Are Lotto Texas Prizes?

Standard Lotto Texas prizes range from $3 to $5 million, depending on how many numbers you match. The minimum Lotto Texas jackpot is $5 million and it rolls until it's won. You can find estimated prizes in the table above.