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Black Cyber
Win up to €10,000
Everyday is Black Friday with this scratchcard! Play and win up to €10,000!
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Black Cyber Help and FAQs

How do I play?

To play the game, the player must first buy 1 set of cards (or more). Once the player buys x tickets, the game displays number of tickets remaining under “Scratchcards Remaining:” on the bottom left side of the game window. Once the player hits the "Play Scratchcard" button, all the panels on the card become active. Move the cursor over the panels to reveal the symbols underneath. To reveal all panels automatically, click the "Reveal All" button after hitting the "Play Scratchcard" button

How do I win?

If three identical amounts are found, the player wins the prize that appears in the panels.

How much can I win?

This is a “Match 3 of 9” game where a player can win one of the prizes in the paytable. The prizes associated with the symbol dynamically change for every game based on the given paytable. It is not possible to match 4 symbols.

What are the chances of winning the top prize?

The odds of winning the top prize on this scratchcard are 1 in 2,000,000. A full breakdown of all the prizes available for each tier, together with the odds of winning is included in the paytable below.

How many scratch cards are there in the Black Friday game?



Prize Tier

Number of Prizes available

Odds of winning


Tier 1


1 in 2,000,000


Tier 2


1 in 50,000


Tier 3


1 in 33,000


Tier 4


1 in 25,000


Tier 5


1 in 6,667


Tier 6


1 in 1,000


Tier 7


1 in 143


Tier 8


1 in 27


Tier 9


1 in 11


Tier 10


1 in 7


How much does it cost to play?

his scratchcard costs €0.10 to play.

How will I know if I have won?

If the card wins, the amount won will be displayed in the Result area right above the "Scratchcards Remaining" display field.