Luzzu Lotto

  • Luzzu Lotto - the exclusive Maltese lottery!

    Luzzu Lotto takes place twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, at 22:00 CET (21:00 GMT). You can win from a free bet bonus to €2 million!

  • How to bet on Luzzu Lotto

    Playing Luzzu Lotto is easy and can be done in three easy steps:
    1. Navigate to our Luzzu Lotto page
    2. Select 6 numbers from 1-50 and 1 Joker Ball number from 1-5
    3. Finalise your transaction

    And that’s it! If you do not have any special numbers in mind, you can select the Quick Pick option and your numbers will be selected randomly. You can also subscribe to Luzzu Lotto by choosing the subscription option before finalising your transaction. If you subscribe, you will never miss another Luzzu Lotto draw as your numbers will be automatically submitted in every draw!

  • How to check your Luzzu Lotto numbers

    Not sure if you have won a Luzzu Lotto prize? Compare the numbers you have submitted with the winning numbers in our Luzzu Lotto results page. If you cannot remember which numbers you submitted, you may find these in your account. But don’t worry, we will still inform you through an email if you win a Luzzu Lotto prize!

  • Luzzu Lotto prizes

    There are a total of 3 prize tiers in Luzzu Lotto, starting from matching just the Joker Ball, to matching all 6 main numbers and the Joker Ball. You can find the Luzzu Lotto prize table, and more information, in our Luzzu Lotto FAQ section. You can win a free bet bonus by matching the joker ball, €1.50 by matching 2 numbers, and the €2 million jackpot by matching all 6 main numbers and the Joker Ball.