Sweden Rewards Drivers With Genius Speeding Lottery

Sweden has proved that everything in life is more fun when you give it a lottery twist by testing a clever reward scheme for careful drivers.

Those caught driving over the speed limit are fined, but a portion of the cash from those fines is set aside to reward the more careful drivers.

When a driver is snapped driving at or below the speed limit, they are entered into a lottery in which they can win a cash prize from the speeding fine fund!

Sonic The Hedge Fund

Inspired by the success of the Swedish trial, the Dutch province of Brabant tested a similar scheme which used speed limits to fund public facilities.

For every car that observed the speed limit, €0.10 would be donated towards a neighbourhood playground. At the end of the 3-week trial they had already raised €500 to upgrade the local playing field.

We love the idea and are crossing our fingers that these trials are rolled out everywhere! With the world such a serious place, it’s good to see the typically mundane sprinkled with a bit of fun sometimes.

Life should be about fun. Are you ready to play?