5 Things You Can Do With Your €10,000 Gold Bar

Yes, you read that right. Enter Da Vinci's Treasure Tournament and you could be the proud owner of a genuine gold bar worth €10,000. How vintage!

From Sept 20 - 30, play any of our qualifying slot games to get on the leaderboard and you could also win one of 999 cash prizes sharing a total of €40,000. That's a lot of chances to win.

Good As Gold

So, let’s say you spin your way to victory and win the top prize, what does a person do with a gold bar? Here are a few helpful suggestions we came up with, don’t’ say we’re not good to you!

  1. 1. An Expensive Brick

  2. Brick

  3. 2. An Expensive Doorstop

  4. Doorstop

  5. 3. An Expensive Coaster

  6. Coaster

  7. 4. An Expensive Paperweight

  8. Paperweight

  9. 5. An Expensive Barbell

  10. Barbell

So, now that we've inspired you with our genius gold bar suggestions, all that’s left to do is spin! The tournament ends on Sunday, so hurry, otherwise you’ll have to put your mugs on a regular coaster. How common!